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Daniels of Bayeux

Christopher Daniel of Linford, Buckinghamshire

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Another descendant of the D'Anyers family of Cheshire is Christopher Daniel, born 1535 in Linford just north of Little Woolstone in Buckinghamshire. He married Elizabeth Forster from Hanslope in 1560.
The Forster family are listed as gentry in the 1634 visitation of Buckinghamshire and Christopher Daniel appears in their family tree. A copy of the entry is shown below:

Forster of Hanslope Family Tree

The name Linford derives from the old english hlymn-ford meaning 'ford by the stream or pool'.
It is interesting to note how close Linford is to Little Woolstone, the place where Thomas Daniel, the ancestor of the Shenley and Stoney Stratford Daniells/Daniels families, married and was probably born.
See the map below:

Please click on the map to enlarge

It appears probable then that Christopher Daniel of Linford was the ancestor of the Buckinghamshire Daniels and was related to the Daniells of Flitton, both being descended from the D'Anyers of Cheshire.
In the certificate of musters of 1522 for Buckinghamshire a John Daniell of Bletchley is listed as owning land of the value of 200 in Bletchley. If this is compared to the certificate of musters for Willen and Caldecote it can be seen that John Daniell was very wealthy (see below). This also seems to support the D'Anyers connection and Christopher Daniel may well have been John Daniell's son.